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Being tagged again =]
Friday, 4 November 2011 | 07:54 | 0 chewing gum[s]
Assalamualaikum! Haa, jawab2.

Ok-ok. Hanis ditag lagi dan lagi oleh rakan-rakan blogger yang disayangi. Terima kasih sudi tag Hanis ye dear! Yeay!!!

Nak tengok tentang diri Hanis boleh klik SINI! (entry tagged-games sebelum ini).
Hanis suka main games ni sebabnya at least ada yang sudi tahu tentang diri Hanis ni. Huhu~

11 questions from sis eve! (she asks Afiqah, but Hanis will answer it ok.) *pika jarang bukak blog ni, sorry!

1. What r eu d0ing rite n0w ? 
Typing my answer for ur questions =]
2 . What d0 eu think ab0ut my bl0g ?
 Much-much-much better than my blog. Sweet n lovely.
3. If eu have BF/GF , what eu like on ur BF/GF ?
Haha~ No answer  :P
4. The funniest thing when eu dating ?
 Lalala~ (oh! i can't see the question ;P)
5 . What are ur bad habits that difficult t0 changes ?
Lazy! But, sometimes i'm a hardworking girl ok.
6. Paris or London ?
Paris. Bkoz it's just a sweet place!
7. What item eu always bring when g0ing 0ut ?
Haha~ Dunno. I think.. blouse or hijab. Yekk. :\ Depends on the place.
8 . What ur fav subject ?
Idk. Maybe English. Maybe Math. 
9. What ur wishlist ?
To have a happy life with people I love so much! My mom,dad, friends and *.
10. most l0ve m0m 0r dad ?
Both. I love u mom and dad! 
11 . are eu lying me ?
Haha~ What do you think? If u think I'm lying, thats the answer. But, if you think I'm saying the truth, thats also can be the answer. Think ok! 
*hah! don't believe the picture above!! 

11 questions from Mrs Hany! *she tags IqaNi means Afiqah n I, but Hanis will answer it.
1. Who are you?
A simple girl with a fake smile.
2. Do you have found your Mr. Right / Mrs.Right?
Hmm.. i don't know! T^T
3. Are you studying now?
Of course! In form 1 at secondary school!
4. Do you enjoy your life?
Sometimes! But now, i'm enjoying it.
5. Do you like gadgets?
Depends on the gadget.
6. What kind of gadget you want most?
Oh, too much! Don't know which one should I tell you first. :P
7. When did you start blogging?
August 2011.
8. Why you join in blogging world?
Haha! Actually i make a blog just because my friends have a blog too. I'm jeles lah. And make it also!
9. What are your best moment since your blogging?
No best moment, it think! Maybe when someone comment in my blog. And if her/his comment were just so good, I will love that! And I will be so touched. *saya cepat terharu = ='
10. Have you ever won any contest in blogging?
Yah. In another blog *giveaway blog. But, for this blog, I ONLY win this Contest from Cik Sara. Can click HERE. *the last winner :')
11. Do you have more than one blog?
Likes I already tell you in 10th answer, I have a Giveaway Blog. I just not share it in this blog. *also use another id, not using id IqaNi.
Sumber gambar : SINI

Ok thats all, no qeustion and no one wil be tagged here. I'm tired, but I loves this games. Ok, bye. Assalamualaikum..


Ucapan ♥
Assalamualaikum. Terima kasih la sudi singgah. Kalau ada kesempatan Hanis singgah balik blog korang. Terima kasih gak kalu sudi baca post2 mengarut Hanis. Dan sangat2 terima kasih kalu sudi komen. Akan Hanis layan korang sebaik mungkin. Peace yo!

Menyanyi lah kat sini!

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